Facebook has joined hands with Nasscom to help propagate the 10000 start-up initiative. The Social Network will launch a new program for developers and students called ‘Leaders Building for the Next Billion’ in order to facilitate development of next billion applications (apps) and mobile websites in India.


Highlights of this program include

  • Four students per college from 10-15 colleges will be selected through an application process
  • Through an application process, 10 developers who have demonstrated a commitment to build for new-to-internet populations will be accepted to a six-month program. As part of this program:
  • They will be provided with technical, marketing, and financial support, and leadership skills, to build their applications and businesses.
  • They will also be connected to industry leaders (CEOs, thought leaders, VCs, ecosystem evangelists, social change leaders, etc.), funders and the media to bring public attention to their commitment, solutions and impact such that they inspire many other developers to build innovative solutions for new-to-internet users.
  • The participants will also qualify for $80,000 worth of support through our FBStart program and additional ad credits to build their business.

You can register your interest to try and be a part of the program.


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