Facebook has taken over almost every other social media platform to make it a one way battle, the result of which is already known right from the very inception. Over months and years, we have been observing Facebook going better and bigger. A big move by the social media giant was the acquisition of WhatsApp, which is the sole usurper of the text chatting apps in smartphones. Lately WhatsApp had shown off the calling feature which facilitates voice calling over the internet via WhatsApp.


Facebook has been really an interactive smartphone app irrespective of the software platform the phone runs on. Earlier in the Facebook app, chat menu was included which featured text messaging via Facebook, but later in time, Facebook compelled app based users to download the Messenger app which is an exclusive platform for chatting. Although that was heartbreaking, but the news of the day brings along a reason to cheer. Facebook Messenger app now has video calling feature which facilitates video calling over internet, be it the mobile phone’s network data plan or Wi-Fi. Although the calling experience is sloppy without 3G network, yet it seems to be no big trouble in modern days of lightning fast data transfer rates.

Earlier than this, Facebook Messenger app had inducted voice calling feature just like the recent most thing of WhatsApp. But now, video calling is here, all you need is Facebook Messenger and an internet connection, which comes very phenomenally if you are a smartphone user.


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