I am unable to recall when was the last time I picked up my Canon point and Shoot to snap myself. As mobile phones continue to evolve digital cameras might get redundant for common consumers. Gone are the days when people had to run to their laptops or MacBook to edit their grainy photos before sharing it with the world through social media channels.

Nowadays, with emergence of various Photo Editor Apps for iOS, Android, and Windows platform users can edit images to create a perfect profile picture for Facebook and Twitter profiles. If you are still accustomed to desktop softwares, here are a few smartphone apps you must try.

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 Snapseed (iOS, Android and Windows)

Snapseed is one of the popular all-purpose photo editing apps available on all major platforms. It is also one of our favorites in the category. Unlike most image editing software which render limited scope for playing with the image, this Google app packs in several advanced editing tools.

The UI is elegantly designed so that even a kid can easily tinker with it to create an attractive image. For lazy and immature editors, Snapseed also adds a number of filters that can be applied with a single tap. Personally I a big fan of tilt-shift feature which blurs the de-selected area.

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Aviary Photo Editor (iOS, Android and Windows)

Photo Editor by Aviary is available on all three platforms iOS, Android, and Windows. The app has gained popularity by banking upon astonishing editing effects that are on the app. Its user interface lacks the vibrancy of Snapseed, but it is quite easy to figure out how to operate it. This photo editing software has a combination of vintage and other stylized filters coupled with color correction, cropping, and other image editing tools.

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Pixlr (iOS, Android and Windows)

Pixlr is amazingly powerful free image editing tool loaded with filters, artwork and lighting effects. This is why it continues to thrive on iOS, Android, and website. The app lets you quick fix your photographs and add a personal touch to make your beautiful moments even more memorable.

It has a number of artistic tools with a distinctive blend. Moreover, more of new filters and creative option are being added in the app via timely updates. The app is available for free download on the iTunes App Store, Google Play, or Windows Phone Marketplace.

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Instagram (iOS, Android and Windows)

Instagram is more than an ordinary photo editing app. This Facebook inc. the app has millions of everyday users who log in to stylize their images and videos to create a new each day. It takes only a couple of touches it gives images a retro look or a grainy effect or black & white images.

Unlike other apps in the list, it also lets users shoot videos and apply filters to them. A 15 sec video can be shot with Instagram app. Users can choose from 13 filters and preview them one by one on a running video without wasting a second.


EyeEm (iOS, Android and Windows)

Like Instagram, EyeEm is another social photo app which can be downloaded on iPhones, iPads, Android and Windows phones. More or less, it draws its inspiration from Instagram. This app features a list of powerful photo filters and also connects its users with a global community of photographers. EyeEm also lets users capture photos and edit them with a quick couple of swipes. Like Tinder, this app also has swipe right or left feature. In Tinder, we swipe right to like someone’s profile and left to pass it but here when you swipe left or right it will apply different filters on the open image.


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