Ather tags ‘rare human error’ for EV that caught fire in Bengaluru

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Ather 450X caught fire in Bengaluru a few weeks ago and the video quickly went viral on social media trending on various platforms. The Electric mobility firm Ather conducted an intensive investigation in which it found a ‘rare human error’ that caused a fire breakout on the particular 450X unit. The mobility giant confirmed that this was an isolated event and they have upgraded their manufacturing operations while continuing their compliance with the highest standards of the world.

Ather Energy 450X Caught Fire & The Investigations

According to the official statement released by Ather Energy, the customer who reported his unit catching fire is safe. Talking about the unit itself, the electric mobility firm confirmed that they have found that the wiring harness assembly was the culprit. They added that the incident was isolated and a ‘rare human error’ on their part. To simplify the last sentence, it means that the problem was with this particular unit and not all other units so far.

The statement revealed the exact reason why the Ather 450X unit caught fire in Bengaluru a few weeks ago. Turns out it was a human error where one of the connectors to the motor controller was joined incorrectly. It resulted in a spark around the controller terminals. The bike’s safety redundancy systems were kicked in to cut off the power from reaching further, however, as it had reached the wiring harness and that caught fire.

The battery management system (BMS), the battery, and the dashboard were left unharmed during the incident. It indicates that the battery wasn’t at fault as it was performing normally even after the incident took place.

For now, the mobility firm has updated its manufacturing operations and equipment to keep this mistake from repeating. They have also introduced a two-step verification process that will eventually help them prevent outlets from such errors before they are sold to the customers. Ather Energy follows the highest safety standards when it comes to battery setup. So far, Ather has been one of the trusted EV brands in India.

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