This ‘Polishing Cloth’ might as well be the premium way of cleaning the screens on your Apple products. They were released yesterday alongside the new Macbooks at the ‘Unleashed’ event and are currently retailing at Rs. 1,900 through the official website. Now, for reasons you are probably wondering, they have become the meme of the moment for netizens.

But before we get into the online reactions, here are the things you may want to know about the new Apple Polishing Cloth:

Apple Polishing Cloth: Specs and Eligible devices

Under its product information section at, the Polishing Cloth is said to be “made with soft, non-abrasive material” and competent at cleaning “any Apple display, including nano-texture glass, safely and effectively”.

Well, more specifically, this is the list of compatible devices:

So, as you can see, the list covers the iPhone 6 and later, MacBooks and iMacs from 2015 onwards, all iPads, Apple Watches, the iPod models, and the Pro Display XDR. This insinuates that devices not mentioned aren’t worthy to be cleaned with this fine piece of cloth.

You can always go buy an ordinary microfiber cleaning cloth from sites like Amazon. But then, what’s different between you and the common folk, eh?

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Anyhoo, here’s what those commoners are talking about this Apple innovation /s:

Twitter’s reaction to Apple Polishing Cloth

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Twitter’s on a roll and I am ROFL. What about you?


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