Two Apple iPhone batteries have caught fire and exploded unexpectedly in as many days. The latest incident happened in Zurich, Switzerland where an iPhone battery exploded at an Apple Store, leading to a temporary evacuation of those present on the spot.

The mishap took place on January 9 when an Apple engineer was removing the battery of a repair unit. The device abruptly smoked into flames, injuring one store assistant with minor burns. The phone that was being repaired was reportedly iPhone 6S Plus.

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According to Reuters, the Apple Store on Bahnhofstrasse in Zurich, Switzerland, was evacuated Tuesday morning after an iPhone battery that was being replaced by a store worker suddenly overheated, burning the worker’s hand in the process. The official record confirms that there were at least 50 people present in the store at the time of incidence.

A similar accident happened in Spain too, where an iPhone battery overheated and exploded inside the store. The employees had to throw dirt at the burnt battery to take control of the situation and to keep the fire under control. There is no information on which iPhone model in question.

No Comments from Apple

We are yet to hear from Apple on what caused the battery to explode. However, an investigation is underway.

Meanwhile, people are linking both the issues with iPhone’s recent battery controversy. A few days back, Apple revealed that they were making iPhones with old batteries to slow down in consequent software updates. This was not taken well by iPhone fans, and soon Apple was found apologizing for its actions. Following which, they even slashed the prices of its new battery to Rs. 2000, from the original price of Rs 8,200.

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