Apple has made itself a very premium smartphone brand all around the world. Although it is a brand which has always targeted a specific section of people because of its price tags and the class it carries along with its brand name. Apple has recently been in the headlines for being occupied in developing a newer version of its software platform for smartphones, iOS. Yesterday Apple has released a Beta version of iOS 8.4 providing a hint that it still has its eyes on iOS 8 and is not just being over occupied by the development of iOS 9.

To be very specific, this new release of a better and newer iOS carries special credibility because of an all new music app which is to be incorporated by this build. Although there have been no special mentions of the same by Apple whilst the release, yet it is a feature of iOS 8.4 which is very much talked about. The new music app seems to be totally revamped and refreshed.

There are signs of the new app being more streamlined than ever before. Having no specific details about the release and the exact features of the new build, it is difficult to predict how you are going to like Apple’s efforts. But it is for sure that you can expect really well when you expect from Apple. Another exciting thing about the new music app is that Apple plans to induce it with Beats Music, which arises a question how is Apple going to achieve this milestone. Nonetheless, this is really going to thrill your senses. So just stay tuned for the update to roll out, and experience the new music app in the video below.


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