Smartphone cameras are a feature which provide vital degree of critics to any smartphone in the modern day atmosphere of high end mobile phones. Smartphones get it all, while the camera tech companies are never sung in the praise of. Though it’s a rare possibility that you might have ever heard of Linx Technology, a manufacturer that provides smartphones with camera technology, but this is a real giant in its segment of camera making.


The news of the hour is that Apple has acquired Linx Technology. As per the details, this transaction between Apple and Linx is estimated a worth of $20 million, although the specific details about the financial aspects of the deal have not been disclosed yet. Linx was founded in 2011 and it specializes in multi aperture imaging technology for images with DSLR like effects. The company makes camera lenses for both 2D and 3D image capturing.

It was Linx technologies, who designed multi aperture camera lens for smartphones for the first time ever. This great achievement was picked up by Linx in June 2014. Though the camera designed and created by Linx are smaller in size, but the imaging experience displayed the quality possesses by these lenses is a real mind blower. Multi aperture imaging technique used by Linx offers better imaging experiences by capturing very fine details of the framed object. As claimed by Linx, such lenses are designed to perform differently better than any other under low light conditions.


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