Recently, Samsung received bashing from all quarters over its exploding Note 7 smartphones. Even the American president didn’t miss his chance to take a playful jab at Galaxy Note 7 . However, Samsung is not alone, today an Apple iPhone 7 has reportedly caught fire in Australia. Reportedly, this isn’t even the first instance when a fire mishap has allegedly been caused by the Apple iPhone 7.

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According to Australian Surfing instructor Mat Jones, he left his one week old iPhone 7 in his car under his clothes when he went out to deliver surfing instructions. When he returned he found his car filled with smoke and the pile of clothes under which he had put the iPhone caught fire.

“Ash was just coming from inside the pants which then, once you unwrapped the pants, the phone was just melting inside of it”, Jones told 7 News, a local news channel.

He said his iPhone wasn’t dropped or damaged, and he didn’t use any third-party charger with it either. Jones was pretty sure that the iPhone 7 was the source of the fire.

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Apple is reportedly investigating the entire episode and whether the incident was caused by a defective iPhone or not.

Last August, another Australian Gareth Clear suffered burns on his legs after his iPhone 7 exploded in his rear pocket during a mountain biking incident.


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