E-commerce has climbed up a steep hill within no time in India. It has turned out to be the most successful business segment of all time with such a mouth shutting upsurge in the global market share in a very short interval. Now that e-commerce has well set its foot in the Indian economy, there is a race of smartphones which led to the invention of app based shopping because of which almost every e-commerce portal in the present day has an app of its own for almost every mobile OS platform.


Recently we had heard that a huge online fashion store, Myntra will permanently shut down its website and will provide only app based shopping. Myntra will then be an app exclusive shopping portal which has been announced to go effective from May 1, 2015. Another online shopping platform, Flipkart has been a real benchmark of success story, when looked upon based on the huge success it has achieved within no time of its inception.

Lately if you’ve visited the Flipkart store website, you might have been one of those who got stuck because of the heavy traffic on the website. Though this might or might not be the reason behind the big announcement that you are going to get familiar with in this post ahead, but the thing is that the announcement has been made stating that Flipkart will follow the trail left by Myntra and will become an app only platform too. According to the statement made by a Flipkart official, 80% of the traffic is being derived from smartphone based shopping, which establishes a fact that going app only will bring no harm to the company.


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