No matter what category of users you belong to, you will need to engage with Typing on your Android phone once in a while, and mastering this single trait can single handedly boost your Android experience. Here a few apps and tips which can  help you make interactions with Android Keyboard more efficient and less tiresome.

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Gesture Typing and Predictive Texts

As obvious as it may seem, choosing the right keyboard is of utmost importance, and something many people tend to ignore. Now there are numerous Android Keyboard options available and most can be a bit overwhelming. Basically you need to look for keyboard which allows for customization options like placing number row on top or to adjust the layout, supports predictive text and swipe gesture input.


The best ones in our opinion are Swiftkey and stock Android Keyboard (Android L onwards) which learn with time and store what they learn on the cloud for when you need to switch devices.

Use Texpand

Texpand app is a simple app which lets you add shortcuts for phrases you often use, like your email address, home address, phone number etc. Several other keyboards (like flesky) inherently have this option too, but Texpand will work across all keyboards on your device.

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You can also backup all shortcuts and data on Google Drive, so you don’t have to set the app separately whenever you use it on a different device.

Use Clipboard Managers

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Clipboard is where all that you copy gets stored and from here the last entry is fetched and pasted whenever and wherever required. You will often need to Copy Paste stuff while typing and there are several Android apps which can convert your Clipboard into a powerful tool.Apps like Clipper, which can store up to 20 copied text in free version and phrases you frequently use or apps like Type Machine, which stores all you type in ever app, so you never have to worry about losing long sentences that you type.

Manage URLs

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If you are into sharing URLs too often, you can use ShortPaste (doesn’t work well with Lollipop) or ShortLink which can automatically fetch copied URLs and can be used to shorten them using, and other services rather easily.

Voice Type


Now talking to your phone in public places is a very bad idea, but in your personal space, this can actually work. With Google betting big on ‘Voice’ this will only improve with time. Dictating sentences to your Android phones works lot better these days, and if you haven’t tried it for a while, you might be surprised with its accuracy (Though it still isn’t good with names).


These are some of the methods you could use to make all your keyboard activity more efficient on Android. We would like to hear your feedback too. If you have come across another app which makes your life easier, share with us in the comment section below.


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