In this age of smartphone, we rely more on our phones than our partners. Obviously, there are reasons behind this obsession with the mobile phones. Mobile phone based applications have become a great facilitator of all the resources starting from information to entertainment. As our lives get more cluttered each passing day, new and amazing productivity apps are flourishing on the Google Playstore to help us bolster our productivity. Here we have listed five productivity apps that we consider helpful for day-to-day life:



In our 24×7 lifestyle, our workstations are not stagnant anymore. We carry our world with us including our work, thanks to android-powered devices. However, to handle your official files like excel sheet, or a Powerpoint presentation or may be a Word doc file, one need to have apps to read or edit these while on the move.

MobiSystem’s Office Suite 8 stands out as the best office app in the market. The application is compatible with Microsoft office file formats and can easily read and edit files made on desktops and laptops. The application features an easily accessible design for both smartphones and tablets. It has integrated support to various cloud services and offers native support for Adobe’s famous PDF formats too.

Office 8

The software developer MobiSystem offers Office 8 for free with limited features. To make the most of this productive application one can certainly consider buying an unlocked version.

Alternatively, if one has some reservation about Office 8 application, one can buy an annual subscription of Microsoft Office 365 Mobile and carry on reading, editing and creating new office files flawlessly.

App: OfficeSuite 8
Price: Free( basic version); OfficeSuite 8 Pro + PDF: 996INR for one year
Developer: MobiSystems


Sometimes on a hard day, we catch our boss staring at us with a grim face due to constant buzzing of our phone.  If you are looking for a mid-way path, Air-Droid is just what you need. You just have to download AirDrop app from the Google Play store and install it in your smartphone.


Next, visit on a web browser or directly connect typing the IP address code in your URL bar. That’s pretty much it. Now, with Air Droid remote device control you should be able to read and send messages, access files stored in your device and transfer files without the inconvenience of cables.

App: AirDroid
Price: Free; $20 per year for Premium
Developer: Sand Studio

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Evernote is a must-have productivity app which lets you create notes in a digital notebook and conveniently access them on all your devices, anytime anyplace. So if you are one of those who like to note everything down for reference or to keep track of your progress Evernote is what you must try.


One can create multiple files to list down notes, complex lists, images and even voice recordings. The list of features doesn’t end here. The app lets you share this content through Evernote sharing feature. The app can certainly help you outshine your peers in those weekly meetings where you can summarize points of previous meetings by referring Evernote’s Notebook.

App: Evernote
Price: Free (60MB/Month)
Developer: Evernote


Google Drive:

If you are a fan of cloud storage and love to keep your phone free from all mess, Google Drive is the best cloud storage option for you. Irrespective for the platform. Google Drive works seamlessly on mobile phones, tablets and personal computers.

Google drive lets you view files that have been shared with you, starred files, recently modified files, or offline files. It also lets you create new documents and spreadsheet and upload your photographs and other files directly to Google Cloud. Google drive comes with 15 GB of free storage, however, if you exhausted your free space you can always buy more space from Google.


It is important for us to mention here that, Google Drive is not the only app with cloud storage app. People can certainly consider Microsoft’s One Drive and Dropbox app as their cloud partner. The only reason why we preferred Google Drive over aforementioned apps is due to its close sync with Google’s ecosystem.

App: Google Drive
Price: Free
Developer: Google



Pocket is another innovative application that gives you the power to save a favorite article for later reading. The pocket app comes handy at a time when you have time constraints and can’t read complete blog post published by your favorite author.


Similarly, it can be very annoying when you find a funny video on YouTube, but have to skip it due to unforeseen circumstances. In such situation, you will wish for the Pocket app. Pocket charms on your phone, tablet, and computer. Save anything that remotely interests you on any platform, and read it later on any of your connected devices. Due to its popularity, Apps like Twitter and Flipboard also integrate Pocket for saving content.

App: Pocket
Price: Free
Developer: Read It Later

Wrap-up: These recommended productivity apps are based on the limited evaluation. There are thousands of application listed on the play store and it will be impossible for us to check out each application by installing it on our device. Therefore, we picked popular apps under productivity category and evaluated them on various parameters before listing them here in this list. Please let share your list apps with us if you don’t agree w
ith ours.


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