Google Docs is one online tool that most working professionals and students use every other day. The simplicity and streamlined approach tagged with Google Docs make this online word processor an incredible productivity tool. The other significant factor responsible for the popularity of Google Docs is its free availability for every Google account holder.

Google Docs allows users to create, edit, and share various kinds of documents with some preset templates for newsletters, project proposal, resume, class notes meeting notes, lease, and brochure among others for free. In order, Google offers a host of numerous keyboard shortcuts to make working on documents easier and fun on both Windows and MacBook PCs.

We have brought you some super-quick-to-use keyboard shortcuts to ease your working experience with Google Docs. These keyboard shortcuts for Windows and MacBooks can be your best assistance and are easy to master for hands-on practice.

Best Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Docs

Google Docs Shortcuts for basic functions

These basic keyboard shortcuts help you to make quick editing and are required the moment you create a Google Docs file. 

FunctionShortcuts for Windows Shortcuts for MacBook
Copy selectionCtrl + CCommand + C
Cut selectionCtrl + XCommand + X
Paste selectionCtrl + VCommand + V
Undo actionCtrl + ZCommand + Z
Redo actionCtrl + Shift + ZCommand + Shift + Z
Insert or edit linkCtrl + KCommand + K
Open fileCtrl + OCommand + O
Find text and replaceCtrl + Shift + HCommand + Shift + H
Insert page breakCtrl + EnterCommand + Return
View word countCtrl + Shift + CCommand + Shift + C

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Google Docs Shortcuts for formatting functions

A properly formatted document creates a lasting impression on the reader and enhances its readability. So Google Docs can be formatted as nicely as you can by using these keyboard shortcuts.

FunctionShortcuts for Windows Shortcuts for MacBook
Make text boldCtrl + BCommand + B
Make text italicCtrl + ICommand + I
Underline textCtrl + UCommand + U
Increase font sizeCtrl + Shift + .Command + Shift + .
Decrease font sizeCtrl + Shift + ,Command + Shift + ,
Left align paragraphCtrl + Shift + LCommand + Shift + L
Right align paragraphCtrl + Shift + RCommand + Shift + R
Center align paragraphCtrl + Shift + ECommand + Shift + E
Justify paragraphCtrl + Shift + JCommand + Shift + J
Add items to numbered listCtrl + Shift + 7Command + Shift + 7
Add items to bulleted listCtrl + Shift + 8Command + Shift + 8

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Google Docs Shortcuts for image operations

Since Google Docs allows you to insert images into the documents, you can further manipulate the image as per your preference with these amazing shortcuts.

FunctionShortcuts for Windows Shortcuts for MacBook
Resize smallerCtrl + Alt + JCommand + Ctrl + J
Resize largerCtrl + Alt + KCommand + Ctrl + K
Rotate image clockwiseAlt + Right arrowOption + Right arrow
Rotate image counter-clockwiseAlt + Left arrowOption + Left arrow
Add alt textCtrl + Alt + YCommand + Option + Y

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Other important keyboard shortcuts

FunctionShortcuts for Windows Shortcuts for MacBook
Voice typingCtrl + Shift + SCommand + Shift + S
Find and replaceCtrl + Shift + HCommand + Shift + H
Find a specific textCtrl + FCommand + F
Repeat previous actionCtrl + YCommand + F
Dictionary for selected textCtrl + Shift + YCommand + Shift + Y
Open Revision HistoryCtrl + Alt + Shift + HCommand + Option + Shift + H
Open Explore toolCtrl + Alt + Shift + ICommand + Option + Shift + I
Move to the next misspellingCtrl + ‘Command + ‘
Move to the previous misspellingCtrl + ;Command + ;

Not to forget that the aforementioned Google Docs shortcuts are just a handful that is used frequently. You can explore other valid shortcuts in Docs itself just by pressing Ctrl + / on Windows and Command + / on MacBooks. Don’t forget to tell us in the comments which Google Docs shortcut is more useful for you.


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