This list contains 12 Arduino in India. This price list was last updated on Jul 04, 2022.

Top 3 Arduino are as follows:
  1. Arduino Nano Microcontroller Board
  2. Arduino MKR1000
  3. Arduino Esplora Microcontroller Board
Arduino Price List
ArduinoPriceAvailable From
Arduino Nano Microcontroller Board₹1,578Upcoming
Arduino MKR1000₹2,600Upcoming
Arduino Esplora Microcontroller Board₹2,200Upcoming
Arduino Zero₹3,100Upcoming
Arduino Yun Rev 2₹4,300Upcoming
Arduino Uno Rev3₹1,578Upcoming
Arduino MKR ETH Shield₹2,100Upcoming
Arduino Due Microcontroller Board₹2,790Upcoming
Arduino WiFi Uno Rev3₹3,290Upcoming
Arduino Leonardo Microcontroller Board₹1,421Upcoming
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12 Arduino
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